Provision Branding

Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design.



I was briefed to create the principal brand and brand name for an early stage startup, aiming to capture the attitude of sport & the extreme sports culture. Still in product discovery with multiple potential avenues, the brand needed to be product agnostic but maintain relevance in any direction.


When creating a principal brand you have the unique opportunity to understand the founder’s story in real time. Alongside having had significant exposure to the extreme sports culture, I was equipped to build a brand with it’s core values at it’s foundation and positioned to stand out.


Chapter 1

Naming & Identity

The name Provision is based on the company’s values and connection to it’s environment. The concept of providing real value is at the core of the founder’s objectives, and the long lasting goal that will stand behind the brand. With the name containing the words, “pro” and “vision”, there are clear connections and connetations to the extreme sport world and to all potential product avenues.

Chapter 2


The brand guidelines define each brand element, the reasons for them and a framework to work from, focusing on building upon them, not being limited by them.

Chapter 3

Visual Exploration

When exploring the brand’s visual style it was important to make sure the media we share portrays the correct message and attitude. An attitude that is authentic to the brand and powerful to it’s audience. 

Chapter 4


Exploring brand implementation across digital and print. Including merchandise, posters, adverts and further digital concepts.

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