Product Design, Art Direction.

2018 - Present

Sphere is a technology company building a bridge between coaches and clients, or as we call them, guides and seekers. We are building a mobile app that matches seekers to guides allowing seekers to grow and guides to manage their business & attain new clients, all in one application. With coaching growing each year with little to no go to product, the market was ripe for innovation.


Chapter 1


Strategising, designing and developing Sphere’s product and surrounding infrastructure has been a big project with big aims to enhance the lives of many.

Kicking things off in January of 2018, up until X. This case study will take you through the design thinking behind the project.
What is Sphere? 
Sphere’s mission is to enhance the collective consciousness by bringing guidance to the masses. 

How do we do it?
By matching world-class, best-fit guides to seekers, allowing them to garner valuable skills through guidance.

Chapter 2


Starting a project like this, with a timeline in mind and a problem to solve is a process that needs to start with a strong foundation. Getting these steps wrong and needing to iterate at a later date can be hemmorage timeline projections. So with that said, what are the first steps? Asking the right questions. So let’s answer the basics. 
What exactly does our product do?
It allows people looking for guidance to get intelligently matched with guides, book sessions with ease, and have their sessions; all in one place.

Who is our target audience?
25–55 year old people looking to improve their life in some way. Be it relationships, purpose, entrepenuership and more.

What is their problem?
Their problem is not being able to find a coach or knowing what to look for.

How will ours product help fix their problem?
We learn about our seekers and match then with tailored guides based on who they are and where they want to improve, and provide a place for them to book manage and have their guidance sessions.

Chapter 3


With a defined value proposition and a deeper understanding of what our product is aiming to do, we can start to move from concept into product.
First step is to create a feature set. The feature is a list of ‘how’ you plan to achieve your value prop, if you were aiming to help people commicate then a chat feature might be a good option. Let’s look at ours. 

note: this app is two products in one application, a product for guides and a product for seekers.

Feature Sets

Initial Experience Concepts & Flows

Conversational Design
Tickets Concept

Exploring Guides
Booking Concept

Marketing Funnel Strategy
Marketing Site

Moving Forward

Up Next